Q. What is Seamless Flooring?

A. Seamless Flooring also known as Flake Flooring, Flexdo or garage floor paint with the speckles, is the perfect combination of 2 pac epoxy, coloured flake/chips and polyurethane.
This coating is ideal for any concrete surface if you want to provide a great decorative finish that will last a very long time.

Q.What is your experience?

A. Allcoast Epoxy Flooring has 20 years of experience in the flooring industry. We have past experience working with and for JBL Seamless Flooring, Bethell Flooring, Techinicote, Epoxy Prep, Green Rhino, Coating Solutions and various builders.

Q. What are benefits of Seamless Flake Flooring?

A.The benefits are huge. To start off with, you can replace that peeling, lifting paint, and fill holes or cracks in that old tired stained concrete. Flake flooring can also increase the value of your property, possibly make selling your house easier. Seamless flooring is more cost effective than tiles and other flooring.

Q. What is Epoxy?

A.Two part epoxy coatings are developed for heavy duty and long lasting service. They have the best adhesion compared to other coatings.  Epoxy, when fully cured has a high heat resistance, is also a good chemical and abrasion resistant surface.

Q. What is Polyurethane?

A.Polyurethane is a hardwearing clear coating, which is used to seal the seamless flake flooring providing a very easy-to-clean floor. With no ongoing maintenance, this coating provides a long lasting hard wearing surface which will look good for years to come.